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Workflow creates achievable department level targets, builds project plans, and provides structure for workforce optimization.

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Analyze data and execute plans

Workflow allows for workforce optimization from entering data to setting targets and executing plans.

Identify problems with AI

After entering data Workflow’s AI will perform a deep-root analysis which will identify the current problems in your organization.

Choosing a strategy

Choose targets accepted by staff and execute various projects within your organization

Project-based change

Set targets and achieve department level project-based change using Workflow

Cut costs, not workforce

Workflow works with a human-centric approach, which allows it to reduce overall costs instead of reducing workforce

Benefits of using Workflow

Detailed Targets

Breakdown of Targets and Goals at the Department, Shift and Per Unit of Service Level

Regularly Updated

Patterns, Charts, Reports For Every Department and Service Line

Detailed Root Causes

Identification and Explanation of Root Causes, Patterns & Trends

Detailed Analysis

Of Staff Utilization, Flexing to Volume, Non-Labor Expense and Revenue

Mapped Projects

To address each root cause, pattern and trend

Consolidate Data

Consolidating and Coalescing from Disparate Systems

Consider data from a different perspective

Get additional modules to look at the data in Workflow in a new way.


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