Analysis that saves money

eVal analyzes your data and provides estimated cost savings opportunities for your hospital or healthcare system.

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View hospitals in specific state

Please select a state from the drop down list and then click the ‘View Hospitals In Selected State’ button.

Evaluate data and discover opportunities

Through analysis of publicly available data, eVal determines a directionally accurate estimate of sustainable margin improvement using the full Teamwrks technology suite

Operational landscape

Analyze viable results of both measures and circumstances in your organization

Labor per patient pay

Calculate the most accurate single indicator of labor efficiency, which is labor per patient pay

Pay IQ

Measure labor efficiency with an algorithm that incorporates financial data from publicly available sources

Recoverable dollars

The recapture estimate is as calculation of recoverable waste spending for your institution

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Workflow creates achievable department level targets, builds project plans, and provides structure for workforce optimization.

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Staff Huddle

Huddle provides quick insights and communication for immediate unplanned staffing needs.

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