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Command and Control

Allows leaders to understand what is going on inside the hospitals without having to go on premises.

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Control your health system off-location

Command and Control Center provides rapid situational awareness and actionable intelligence for organizational leaders

Custom reports

Tailor reports via any custom cohort and automate to meet leaders’ specific needs

Categorized AI-driven insights

Patterns and root causes are trended and made visible for the health system

Empower staff

Progress and success updated and celebrated with each data refresh

Summarize targets & solutions

Breakdown of targets and goals at the department, shift and per unit of service level

Benefits of using COMMAND AND CONTROL

High-level View

Progress and success updated
and celebrated with each data refresh

Detailed Drill-down

Drill down from organization to service line to department and even to staff or agency level

Trending Metrics

Focus on the key initiatives that drive value & communicate to staff

High Engagement

Ensure high engagement with each staff member via the Vision Platform.

Custom Messaging

Messaging scales to the user based on available permissions

Targeted Sales

Remotely monitor patterns and tailor solutions to allow for sales services

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