Better health care through efficient technology

Teamwrks uses AI and machine learning to help ensure providers have the insights necessary to improve financial performance, quality of care and patient outcomes.

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Technology that helps...


Identify Gaps & Targets

Teamwrks identifies opportunity gaps by using internally validated benchmarking to find inarguable opportunity gaps.


Create Execution Plans

Our technology analyzes root cause and creates roadmaps of effective projects to realize value from the data.


Facilitate Execution

Our technology enables your experts to distribute work and focus on higher impact projects while empowering staff to execute change.

Low-cost, high value

With Teamwrks, individual health systems can go from initial data request to full-system command center and deployment in as little as 72 hours with no interference on clinical or IT operations

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Mass deployment in 72 hours

With Teamwrks, individual health systems can go from initial data request to full-system command center and deployment in as little as 72 hours with no interference on clinical or IT operations


Enter Data

Drag and drop collection of readily available data (ADT, Payroll, Chargemaster, Volume).


Establish Operations

48 Hour Creation Of Full-System Command Center, Target And Pattern Analysis And Remote Infrastructure And Reports.


System Review

System Review With Health System Leadership (Flexible to Accommodate Unique Organizational Needs).


Training Leaders

Rapid Remote Training And Competency Transfer With System, Facility And Department Leaders.


Ongoing Support

Ongoing Analysis And Support That Can Be Handled Off-site Without Disruption To Clinical Operations.

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