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RVH Solutions takes Series B funding to make healthcare more efficient with AI


July 13, 2021


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The investment came from Vizient, which has entered into a strategic partnership with RVH

There's a ton of inefficiency in the healthcare system, which maybe isn't surprising given that the United States spends more for worse outcomes. It's probably worse than many of us realized, though, with nearly one third of all healthcare spending potentially being considered as waste. For example, it's estimated that U.S. hospitals waste over $12 billion annually simply due to a lack of communication between providers. RVH's solution, called Teamwrks Suite, provides intelligence around financial analytics and metrics, as well as quality of care and patient outcomes. The idea is to allow its customers, which includes healthcare organizations, as well as healthcare consultants and advisors, to become more efficient. improving their margins without needing to reduce their staff.

While Palmer wasn't able to give me hard numbers right now in regards to the return on investment for its customers, he would tell me that the Teamwrks Technology Suite typically strives for at least a 10x ROI "to ensure long-term sustainable outcomes for our hospital partners." Our typical customer can range from a rural, standalone or small community hospital to a large, fully-integrated academic medical center. The Teamwrks Technology Suite is designed to scale and the fit the needs of hospitals and health systems of all sizes. 'We saw a greater need to continue to support our clients throughout the COVID period and provided our technology to address their needs including but not limited to staffing variability, pent-up demand and other workforce related issues as a result of COVID-19," said Palmer. Along with the investment, RVH and Vizient also announced a new partnership that will build on a subcontractor relationship that they formed in 2020, where Vizient used RVH Solutions to enhance its Workforce Solutions offerings for its member hospitals.

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