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Emerson Hospital, Concord MA

July 12, 2021
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The Challenge

Emerson—an integrated system of providers including a 179-bed hospital and 40+ outpatient facilities, serving approximately 300,000 residents in 25 towns— had concerns about operations efficiency, specifically regarding staffing relative to volume.

They requested support in improving workflows and processes to improve efficiency, foster stronger employee engagement, and improve financial margins; while preserving clinical outcomes.

The Solution

Year 1

We worked with Emerson to launch a Value Enhancement Initiative. By implementing Teamwrks Eval we identified opportunities to improve performancewith an estimated savings of $2M. We worked to launch the Value Enhancement Portal Technology and Process, setting up a Resource Team to field, direct and
support over 100+ projects.

Year 2

We launched the Workflow & Demand Matching, leveraging software tools to identify additional projects across 88 departments.

Year 3

The Covid-19 pandemic increased already challenging staffing situations due to both staffing demand and burnout. Emerson partnered with Teamwrks to customize Teamwrks Huddle, a staff utilization app.

The unique combination of artificial intelligence and collaborative problem solving delivered by Teamwrks allowed us to exceed our cost reduction goals, enhance patient care and create a internal working group that fostered team building and delivered shared solutions

— Michael Hachey, SVP and CFO

The Result

Year 1

Value Enhancement Portal and Resource Team up and running, and on pace to recover $4.1M ($2.2 realized)

Year 2

Workflow & Demand Matching initiatives on pace to recover $5.8M ($509K realized)

Year 3

The Teamwrks Huddle staff utilization app empowers department leaders, enabling communication around staffing needs and capacity, reducing the need to call in unscheduled staff or staffing agencies.

$2.7M of realized savings (and counting), with more efficient staff communication.

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