St. Peter’s

  • Comprehensive Regional Medical Center with facilities across New Jersey
  • Award Winning Healthcare System, “A” Graded Hospital Safety Score
  • Comprised of Over 12 Multi-specialty Health Centers
  • Staffs 300 Primary Care Doctors and Specialists and 1,850 Employees

Our Goal:

Create more than $1M in annual labor expense reductions while creating a positive environment for both management and staff.

Our Objectives:

Effectively implement a labor management program that reduces costs without compromising healthcare quality and staff satisfaction.

Determine the most effective mechanisms for reducing labor expense without eliminating staff positions.

Identify opportunities for expense reduction that would allow for financial gain without undermining employee engagement.

Finding & Fixing the Issues

Our data gathering, comparison, and analysis along with our tools and technologies aim to identify the root causes of the issues facing Healthcare providers.

In St. Peter’s case, the primary issues were labor waste and healthcare efficiency.

Issue #1 – Labor Waste

RVH Solutions identified and helped correct 6 major factors contributing to labor waste:

  • Scheduling Complexities
  • Workforce Behaviors
  • Productivity Confusion
  • Workforce Inflexibility
  • Clinical Availability
  • Excess/Avoidable Days

Issue #2 – Healthcare Efficiency

St. Peter’s wanted to improve overall healthcare efficiency by reducing patients’ length-of-stay (LOS) and gain the associated labor value that improving healthcare efficiency represents.

  • Reduced LOS by an average of 1.5 days across 4th Floor Units
  • Number of avoidable re-admissions significantly reduced
  • Staff re-energized, improved job satisfaction
  • 100% compliant with Medicare’s Important Message

RVH Solutions Outcomes

$20 Million in Actual Value Created Over Time

Cultural Shift in Management Improved Job Satisfaction

Improved Hospital Relations with Clinicians

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Saint Peter’s Healthcare System was formed in 2007 and reflects the expansive scope of health and wellness services we offer to our community.

Where we are

254 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901


(732) 745-8600