• Inspira Health Network in New Jersey consists of over 60 multi-specialty health centers
  • Comprised of 125+ locations, including 3 hospitals and a comprehensive cancer center
  • Employs 1,100 physicians / care providers and a total 5,700 staff members
  • Inspira Health Network awarded 2017 Most Wired by the American Hospital Association

Our Goal:

For 8 years prior to their implementation of our VEP, Inspira Health Network’s internal consulting department was only identifying $1M – $2M in annual cost reductions.

Our goal was to identify ways to greatly increase the number of identified annual cost reductions and significantly reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Our Objectives:

Identify massive opportunities for direct expense reduction across Inspira Health Network’s processes including care efficiency, scheduling optimization, policy and governance, and operations optimization.

Apply criteria sets to these opportunities to determine which opportunities to pursue. The criteria set for Inspira Health Network was: no downsizing, no risking staff of physician engagement, no risking changes to level of care, no wholesale change management, and no changing work hours.

Transform Inspira Health Network’s internal culture into an exciting and collaborative environment by involving all staff in the expense identification and reduction process and promoting accountability.

Return on Investment

Inspira Health Network took a risk on RVH Solutions, selecting our VEP ahead of 4 other solutions considered to assist them in achieving their financial goals.

Immediate Returns

Inspira Health Network’s first year utilizing our VEP began in the middle of their fiscal cycle. Despite this, they realized over $6M in profitability from VEP initiatives.

Long-term Returns

Since launching the VEP, Inspira Health Network has grown their net operating margin from -7% to 12% and permanently changed their cost structure by $44,000,000 overall.

RVH Solutions Outcomes

$74 Million in Cumulative Realized Profit from Year 1 to Year 3

Inspira Identified, Scored, and Prioritized Over 500 Opportunities using VEP Tools

Winner of Best Regional Hospital 2015-16 by USNWR


Inspira Health Network is a charitable nonprofit, south jersey based, health care organization formed in November 2012 by the merger of South Jersey Healthcare and Underwood-Memorial Hospital which comprises of three hospitals, four multi-specialty health centers and more than 60 other locations.

Where we are

509 N Broad St, Woodbury, NJ 08096


(856) 845-0100