RVHS' powerful suite of technologies empower hospitals to realize and sustain peak performance.

Schedule Modeling Tool

Spend less time constructing schedules and flexing staff

The schedule modeling tool is a “demand matching” tool for high volume variable departments that will gather multiple years of data (11 dimensions) and will then model forward (1 year) their staffing needs by shift, month, and day-of-the-week in order to reduce flexing. The tool also calculates the optimal make-up of a staff roster and allows for “on click” scenario planning utilizing multiple variables including: non-productive load, staffing schemes/ratios, complexity of work and budgetary requirements.

Friction Based Demand Matching Tool

Teams discover ways to create capacity for high-value activities of a role

The friction based demand matching tool is a very sophisticated version of the “Value Calculator” and is designed to allow a team to analyze the activities of a role/job along two axis: The value of an activity and the time available to complete it.

Rounding Tool

Automates RVH Solutions 4 question “care progression” round

This tool leads a multidisciplinary team through a round that catches all clincial and process needs in less than 2 minutes per patient.

Patient Placement Tool

Allows staff to sit bedside and show ONLY placement choices where patients will actually be accepted

The patient placement tool automates the selection of post-acute facilities by providing a “real time” view of available beds matched by multiple patient care requirements and financial realities. The tool is designed to solve the problems of “faxing and waiting” and “patients choosing facilities that will not accept them.” It also holds receiving facilities accountable for “what they are actually taking” vs. “what they claim they will take.”

Countdown Dashboard

Allows care team to visually prioritize work for each patient based on nearness to discharge

The countdown dashboard is a touch-screen/smart device enabled visual identifier of the remaining care items necessary to be accomplished to facilitate a safe discharge, color coded for “nearness to discharge.”

Co-morbidity Capture Tool

Ensures your organization is paid for 100% of the work it does

The co-morbidity capture tool utilizes “auditory mnemonics” to allow for capture of “key words” and phrases with proven correlations to under-documented co-morbidities. The tool only works within the governance of RVH Solutions’ 4-question round where such commentary naturally erupts between providers and the care team.