Education Services

Improve Education. Generate Revenue. Boost Your Brand.

Education Services

Improve Education. Generate Revenue. Boost Your Brand.

Rich Media Production

Clinical staff across healthcare systems often need high quality online educational content.


Using state of the art technology, we take a sophisticated approach to content creation and implement an easy to use solution. Our subject matter experts identify the content, conduct research, and produce a script that recognizes all substantive teaching points and articulates the media components.

Converting the script to a storyboard is more than an idea with pictures, we determine the strategy, create the content, identify technical approaches, and determine the final deliverable.

This process results in pieces of high quality educational media content, the ability to share them via an on-demand service with a worldwide audience, and a user-friendly delivery mechanism.

Facilitates Production

  • Prep Equipment
  • Follow Industry Standards
  • Right Tools for the Job
  • Audio & Video Recording
  • Incorporate Medical Devices
  • Quick Response


  • Synchronizes Media Sources
  • Nonlinear Editorial
  • Integrates Feedback
  • Overlays Graphical Treatment
  • Applies Voiceover Narration
  • Prepare for Publishing

Delivers to a Global Audience

  • Ensures Standards Compliance
  • Ensures Device Compatibility
  • Ensures Media Availability
  • Ensures User Security

What We Do

RVH Solutions also offers customizable online Education Services. We develop, create, execute, and maintain distance learning technologies and services tailored to achieve your organization’s educational and institutional goals.


need assessment

Needs Assessment

We begin by conducting in-depth evaluations of the assets and resources available to our clients to create high quality online education programs. We also create detailed descriptions of the additional services that will be required for the client to ensure its programs are successful.

market opportunity

Market Opportunity Study

Following our Needs Assessment, we work with clients to create an initial list of potential programs. We then apply a set of criteria to determine the most promising programs and perform an extensive analysis on each program to identify the distance education programs with the most potential for success.

detailed plan

Detailed Work Plan

Leveraging our years of expertise building distance education programs, we create detailed work plans that fit into our clients Needs Assessment and Market Opportunity Study. Our work plan is comprehensive and granular set of steps that we help our clients execute.

Our detailed work plans address all critical aspects of launching online education programs including:

  • Content Creation Process
  • Selecting and Implementing the Technology Infrastructure
  • Marketing and Recruitment Plans
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Customer and Technical Support Plans

Healthcare LMS

Our Learning Management System (The LMS), voted Top 10 Association LMS Solutions in the World, improves the educational experience for learners, enhances our partners’ brands, and generates new revenue streams.


Our Learning Management System includes:

  • Fully Customized, Intuitive Frontend User Interface
  • Easy to Use Backend Administration Tools

  • Secure, Unlimited Video Storage and Streaming
  • Sophisticated Ecommerce Capabilities
  • Robust Marketing Features

  • Continuing Education Compliance Technologies
  • Customizable Multiple Tenant Capabilities

Marketing & Recruitment

RVH Solutions can develop and execute marketing and recruitment and plans if needed to attract candidates based on carefully developed criteria and client goals.


We have developed successful methods for recruiting quality students and professionals for online education programs. Our creative marketing initiatives support carefully planned recruitment strategies to drive high quality enrollments through engagement with relevant partnerships and associations.

Our Marketing, Recruitment, & Retention Services include:

  • Marketing Planning
  • Audience Research
  • Investment Analysis
  • Brand & Web Presence Consultation

  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Share of Voice Analysis
  • Lead Generation & Outbound Sales
  • Student Recruitment

  • Social Media
  • Helpdesk & Support
  • Student Support & Retention
  • Analytics